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Top 5 Modular Advantages

1. Built Indoors

Framed in a dry, temperature controlled factory environment, away from all weather conditions is one of the biggest advantages of modular building.


  • No weather delays
  • No damaged materials
  • No trapped moisture in construction materials

2. Energy Efficient

So just how air tight are Guildcrest houses? (Considering a typical existing house has 200 in2 worth of unwanted opening and/or gaps in its assembly.)

Benefits of an air tight home:

  • Reduced heat loss, moisture, humidity, dust, noise levels, odors, and insects/vermin

3. Speeds up Construction

While the site work is being performed, your home is being constructed at the same time in a controlled factory environment, which saves on time and eliminates weather delays.

4. On Budget

Most construction costs are determined ahead of time as selections are made prior to signing any contracts. This makes meeting your target budget much easier. It also limits surprises and ultimately being over budget, which creates a better overall building experience.

5. Selecting Finishing Touches is Easy

In our beautiful one-stop Model home design centre, you get everything you need under one roof to suit your unique taste. From top to bottom, our in-house designers will work with you to create your dream home, including complete kitchen, bathrooms, windows, flooring, exterior siding and much more!